Five Random Acts of kindness

Kindness is something that we show through our words and our acts also. According to my projects I have done 5 acts of kindness in this week and now I am very happy to write about these activities.

  1. Last Tuesday I went Lahore for fundraising activity. So when I was a bus. An old lady in front of me and she was standing in front of me. I stood up and offered her my seat. She was very happy and smiled while sitting.

2. At Tuesday we as a team member went to Punjab University for fundraising for EDHI Foundation. It was a great time and we felt very happy during fundraising activity.

3. Yesterday I with Fouzia suddenly visited the Amal Campus for fundraising. Even our Program Associate also surprised to saw us there. We collected money from every Amal team member.

4. Yesterday I also gave treat to my friends Ammar and Fouzia. I received a cheque of my scholarship so they demanded treat from me and I gave them for their happiness.

5. Last Thursday when I visited Nestle Pakistan then I met with security guard with a very polite way. I showed kindness to him. After I dropped my Resume at the company I also met him for a while and talking about his personal life. He impressed with me and talking with me as like he talked with his friends.

6. Last week my mother was not home and there were no one at the home to cook the food so I planned to cook for the family. Everyone like that and appreciated me.

7. At Monday one of my friend has important work at Gujranwala Board Office but he didn’t know where was that. So I gave company to him and took him to the board office. He was really thankful to me and became happy due to my help.

By doing these acts I also feel very good and sometimes I feel proud on my personality that I am so helping and humble person. Thank God. And these were the good experiences and I am habitual of those activities now and I really think that these habits help me a lot during my job. I will show kindness to my colleagues and team members. These skills are really important to become MVTM.