Identifying your life of purpose by embracing your pain

Life is the name of constant struggle. Everyone from every field and from every stage work hard and embracing pain to live in life. Dr. Abdulslam the previous president of India told that life is a line of ups and down even a straight line in ECG report states that we are dead.

My real life starts when my father died and i was 12 years old. It was a tragic incident and brought lot of pains for my family. But at that time I made a commitment with myself that one day I will make myself so powerful and strong and will achieve a high position and this goal only achieved through education. So I became more determined and passionate and stated work hard.

I faced lot of problems but I didn’t give up. The real problem occur when I started my college. Because I lived in a backward area and my college was so far from my house and at that time I was unable to gave fare to vans or buses. So I purchase a second hand Bicycle and went college through it daily. My bicycle was also not in a good position and most of the time I took it to the workshop.

I rode bicycle almost 3 hours daily to attend my classes and It was really a bad situation and time. My class fellows went college through motor bikes and went early than me. In winters when there was fog I really felt fear because due to fog I was unable to saw anything. And In summers I was became wet due to sweat. But I didn’t give up. I think those two years were really very difficult in my life.

Many times I hit with motor bikes and with trucks and once a time bone in my nose broke due to accident.

But at that time I didn’t give up and worked hard and focused on my goals and at the end I got 1st position in the college and I was also top in my whole city and got highest marks than any other students from other colleges. Due to this I got offer for teaching in many schools. Here is a picture of my school where I teach the students of class 8th, 9th and 10th.

And I also got the award of best student of the year. Now i think that i faced more problems at those years but those years also pull me up. now i am here just because of hardworking at those years.

Student of the years.

Now I follows those dots to get more success and to achieve my goals.