In Person Drop

According to the project Descriptions I have to drop my Resume and cover letter in the companies in which I have interest. As I am a Business student so I made planned to drop resume in banking sectors as well as multinational companies and local companies also so I made research about the companies In I have to drop Resume. My Project is to drop Resume in any single company but I made plan to drop my Resume in at least 15 companies. So I decided to drop Resume In the following companies

1. Allied Bank Limited

2. UBL

3. Nestle Pakistan

4. Atlas Honda

5. Descon Industry

6. Fatima fertilizer

7. Millet Tractor

8. Service Shoes

9. Faisal Bank

10. Master Tiles

11. Aamir rice Traders

So first I made research about the above companies and made cover letters and prepared questions about every company. Also prepared my elevator pitch.

Now I have visited all the places and now I want to share my experiences with all of you. First of all I would explain about the challenges that I have faced during this process. The main problem and challenge that I have faced was to visit the company. Because to visit on local buses is very difficult for me in a very hot days. 2nd problems that in many companies the security guard didn’t allow me to meet with the HR Manager and I returned back after dropping my resume at reception. At Nestle Pakistan and Atlas Honda the guard didn’t allow me to enter at the company. But the positive thing was that they gave me Email ID’s and telephone number of the company and now I have also sent them Email for making a meeting schedule with the HR Manager.

Aamir Rice Traders (Gujranwala)

Those companies in which I didn’t met with the HR Managers now I send them Email and inform them that I want to have meeting with them kindly make a schedule. And Also next time when I will want to drop my Resume in the companies then before visit the company I will Email them and inform them about my visit.