In present era, advertisers tend to use social networking sites for expressing opinions, exchanging…

In present era, advertisers tend to use social networking sites for expressing opinions, exchanging information and most importantly for marketing or advertising their products and to build relations with their customers. The study focuses on the aspects which influence the people to advertise their products through Facebook and the benefits behind this flourishing way of advertising. Moreover, it investigates the reasons behind the popularity of Facebook among its users. Initially, people considered social networking sites as only the source of increasing social network and making new connections but with the passage of time, this thought has been changed. Now people use Facebook not only for their private purposes rather some public and corporate interests are also attached to it. The purpose of the study is to explore the dimensions which Facebook interactive advertising provides to advertisers to market their products by using new strategies. The study focuses on the change in the buying decisions of people by getting influence by interactive ways of advertising. This study can help the future generation to adopt new modes of advertising. Moreover, it will provide a prospect i.e. not merely use social networking sites for enjoyment purposes rather they can also be used for advertising and business purposes. Facebook provides different platforms to its users who wish to advertise their products and services. This study focuses on the pages which people create in order to promote their services or products. There are different categories of pages like event pages, designer pages and accessories pages.

By just liking these pages, customers can have access to the products and services offered by different people through these pages. People tend to buy the products and services by leaving a comment on these pages or by sending a message to the admin. The study investigates the change or variation in the buying decisions among youth which advertising through Facebook brought. Interactive advertising persuades people to purchase a product or it may influence people to change their views about certain products. The basic purpose of conducting this research is to analyze Facebook as a medium for promoting interactive advertising and does it influences the people to buy the products which are advertised by using interactive advertising tactics available on Facebook.

Originally published at on June 12, 2016.