Learning from Others: Exploring the Life Purpose of your Network

There is no difficult thing in life than talking about our future goals and discuss about our self. For this purpose I chose my four friends which includes two girls and two boys. (Ambreen, Sajida, Ammad, Naeem).

Everyone have their different life purpose. Ambreen told that he want to become a good teacher and helping out his family. His goals is to join Army public school as a mathematics teacher. He wants to live at lahore always.

Sajida told that he just focused on his Ph. D and then starting her career as a lecturer and professor at university. She doesn’t want to marry yet and do something extra ordinary in her life.

As Ammad told that he started his own business after his graduation and started a business of tourism as he love tourism. Naeem’s goals is to make a NGO that will help poor people and specially orphans.

Yes I made conversation with them and guide them after they told me about their life purposes. And it was really a good experience , I really enjoyed by doing this activity.

I have different why from these guys. After the death of my father I planned to become a officer and become a successful man. Now I am a Business graduate. So I want to join Banking sector and achieve a position of management level. I am from a backward area so I achieve these goals and help my family.