Sharing a story of my mentor

Mentor is maybe your friend, brother, your uncle or your teacher. Mentor is someone who guide and helped you in a critical situations and when you need the help. I have the habit that I always learnt from people and tried to become learner. i learnt from elders and older. I want to write about one of my best friend who is not only my friend but also just like my brother. He always helped me and guide me about my life and about my goals in life. First time I met him at class 6th and then we became good friends.

He is Naeem one of my best friend and also my mentor. A story about a mentor is that After my matriculation I came into Lahore for my F.Sc at Quaid e Azam College of Accountancy and Commerce. I was very intelligent student at that time but I didn’t study due to some of the situations. The major reason is “dengue”. So i quit the F.Sc and went back to home. At that time everyone insulted me that I am loser and failed to complete my education. My friends was laughed at me. I gave up totally and lost the hope. I also thought that I am failure and I have no ability in myself. I joined a locally tiles company and worked there for the salary of Rs.11000. I used bicycle to reached at factory and also kept my lunch box with me.

After some months Naeem called me and asking to gave some time to me for an important discussion. I went to his home and then he told me that “Listen you have the skills and abilities to do every thing. Don’t forget that you are the topper of your school and you got 80% marks and it was great achievement. If you got good position at matriculation exams then you will definitely get good grades in intermediate. Don’t lose hope and start your studies after quit the job.”

At that time i was not agree with him and I ignored his talk but he still convinced me and talked me about 3 weeks daily and at the end I accepted and joined a local college for my intermediate. He push me and encourage me always due to that I also got first position in my college. Wowwwwww.

He was right and due to his encouragement I was again got first position.And Now I am here due to his advise.

It was really important in life to have a mentor. Because in some of the situations people didn’t know what to do and how to do so in these situations mentor take you towards the right way. I always thankful to him and most of the time told him that I am at here just because of you.