Sharing the 6 tips with your classmate

Before starting discussion about my experience regarding sharing of tips to my classmate I would write about the tips.

  1. Find your passion and align it with your career
  2. Decision are very unique to each person
  3. own your decision
  4. Do internship before pursuing a higher degree to confirm if you like that industry
  5. Don’t do Ph. D if you want to be an entrepreneur.
  6. Spend at least 6–12 month at your first job

For this activity I chose one of my classmate who are very passionate to join Amal academy and love to learn. He always talking about Amal principles with me. I called him yesterday and talked him that I want to share with you 6 tips to manage your career. So I want to meet you for this purpose. He was very happy to knew about that and agree to meet me.

Today i meet with him and discussed with all 6 tips. I made notes and keep the wording in mind and try to share and deliver the main concepts . He agree with the first 4 tips but when I started doing discussion on tip 5 & 6 he started disagree with me.

He told that some people love to get higher studies. They do Ph. D along with their businesses. He gave me two examples that Mian Umair CEO of Umair Rice traders done his Ph. D for just his passion. Then I told him that you are right but their business were well established and they did Ph. D just for their inner satisfaction. But if they were at university and planned to start a business then I would prefer them don’t do Ph. D.

Then he told that in some organizations and jobs there is so much difficult to spend one month and you talked about one year. Then I replied him that Yes it happened in some situations but try your best to take hardships and face problems. You may faced many problems to stay at that organization but after one year you will be more experienced .

Finally he agrees with me and really thankful to me that i share with him very good tips. We take picture and come back to home. At home i sent him thank mail for being with me gave his time.

This is really good activity and I also learned and understand new things by practicing this.