Single most important lesson I’ve learned from the fellowship

Every person taught you a lesson in life either good or bad. Means life taught us lessons till death. Amal Academy is a platform from I have learnt lot of. I firmly told here that the three months at Amal Academy trained me and teach me more than 22 years of earlier life. I am surprised to see the difference between the three months before and after. There is massive change in me. I am deeper thinker, I am more passionate, I am more hard worker and I am a good team member now.

Every session, every activity and every project of Amal Academy brought us new lessons. How to be differentiate yourself during assessment, How to show passion, How to motivate your audience etc. These are the some of the examples of our sessions. I learnt lot of from previous last three months at Amal Academy but the most favorite lesson and that is also very important to become a successful person is “ Live a life of purpose & without taking pain we don’t be successful”.

Everyone is important in this world and have it’s own social life. So spend a life with purpose. The purpose in the life is very important. If someone have no life purpose he is just blank, he don’t try any efforts to achieve his goals. He just spend life with no ambition and goals. So this is really important in life and if you want to be successful then live a life with purpose.

Just think about it what is the purpose of my life , Why i am here, Why I am here, Why I born and what is the purpose behind it. Just think about these questions. If we succeeded to know about these questions then we will get our goals and right path in our life. just think about it that what is the purpose of our life and focus on it.

During my Amal fellowship i often time thought about this question and tried to knew about my purpose that why I am here, what is the purpose behind it. My Program Manager helped me alot to find my purpose . I am really thankful to him. After the Amal fellowship I will follow the rules of this lesson and try to find out the purpose of my every step and act .And after finding the purpose of my life I will plan to bear what pains and hardships to achieve that purpose.

Always try to find the answer of this question if we want to be successful.