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Development Update

1.Qbao wallet new infrastructure design completed

2.The new infrastructure of Qbao wallet enters the development stage

3.Continuous development, testing, deployment of Qbao Chain

4.Optimization of Qbao Chain browser

5.Fix Qbao bugs

6.Research of Tendermint

7.Research of embedded exchange technology

Marketing & Operation Update

FIC New Year’s activities are underway;

New cryptocurrency community cooperation and docking;

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Development Update
1. Start re-construction of Qbao wallet infrastructure;
2. Development of FIC cooperation plan;
3. On-going development, testing of Qbao chain;
4. On-going research in Qtum Zero — Knowledge Proof;
5. Bug fix;
6. Optimization of SPC swap;
7. Security upgrade of withdraw function;
8. Security upgrade of Qbao wallet;

Marketing & Operation Update
1.On the basis of in-depth cooperation between Qbao Network and FIC, a new year campaign was launched;

2. Game development in cooperation with third-party game platforms enters the testing stage;

3. Cooperating with third-party mining pools, plan to add more asset management products.

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Development Update

1. Development of Qbao Network V4.5

a. Updated Qbag top up and withdraw system, which enables crypto transferring between external address and user’s Qbag address directly.

b. In-house testing of updated Qbag top up and withdraw system.

c. Updated emoji database of social section to provide more emoji to the users.

2. Discussed Initial Wallet Offering (IWO) system with cooperative partners, carried out product design and set development schedule.

3. On-going development of IWO system;

4. Optimized Qbao Network payment system PAYX to adopt current exchange rate between crypto and fiat currency in real time;

5. Discussed technical details with a game platform and analyzed the possibilities and workload of integrating this game platform in Qbao…

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Development Update

1. Optimized full nodes of various blockchain protocols and streamlined Qbag’s top up and withdraw system;

2. Researched Substrate framework and built full node of Polkadot’s canary network, Kusama;

3. On-going research in DeFi projects;

4. On-going research in Ethereum Layers 2 and using Solidity to write smart contracts;

5. On-going research in Blockstack and protection of users’ private data in terms of blockchain-based security and encryption.

6. Discussed the economic mechanism of Qbao Chain.

7. On-going development and testing of a customized blockchain game with a third party;

8. On-going technical supports and optimization on Coingame.

Marketing & Operation…

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Development Update

1. On-going optimization of Qbag’s top up and withdraw system of Qbao Network V4.5;

2. On-going development of Qbag’s USDT top up and withdraw functionality;

3. Optimized exchange feature of Qbao Network V4.5 and supports more trading pairs;

4. Tested DeFi DApps and prepared to launch them on Qbao Network V4.5;

5. Provided technical supports on Coingame’s latest update.

6. On-going development of a customized blockchain game with a third party;

7. Ongoing development of Qbao Chain.

Marketing & Operation Update

1. Launched lucky draw since June 26th, 2019, users can get coupons and apply them on buying products in token bank, to gain higher annual yield. If users apply coupon to buy Atom Token Bank product, they can get up to 15% annual yield without waiting for extra 21 days when the product is due. …

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Qbao Network의 전략적 파트너 인 FinCredit Protocol은 Qbao Network Social에 자체 커뮤니티를 설립했습니다. Qbao Network Family에 가입 한 FinCredit Protocol을 축하하기 위해 Qbao Network Wallet에서 방대한 FIC 에어 드랍이 진행 중입니다.

FIC 에어 드랍 참여 하는 방법?

1. App Store 또는 Google Play (공식 웹 사이트 :에서 Qbao Network Wallet을 다운로드하십시오.

2. Qbao 네트워크 월렛을 만듭니다.

Qbao 네트워크 지갑을 만든 후 FIC 에어 드랍을 얻는 세 가지 방법.

1. Qbao Network 지갑내 채팅에서 Qbao 공식 그룹 (ID : Q37000081) 또는 FinCredit 프로토콜 그룹 (ID : Q78046729)에 가입 후 랜덤 FIC 해피 보너스를 받으십시오.

(FIC 해피 보너스 에어 드롭 시간 : 2019년 7 월 4 일 10:00부터 2019 년 7 월 10 일 18:00, 기준시 UTC…

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コミュニティユーザーに感謝し、コミュニティの交流を深めるため、Qbao Networkは戦略的パートナー、FinCredit Protocolと連携し、2019年7月4日より大規模なFICトークン配布キャンペーンを実施することになりました。今回のキャンペーンはQbag内にトークンを保有している方とQbao Networkウォレットのアクティブユーザーを対象とします。



1. Qbao NetworkユーザーはQbag内にあるQBTの保有量に応じて、150万FICトークンの賞金プールをシェアします。

(1) Qbag内に5000QBT以上を保有しているユーザーは、135万FICの賞金プールを按分します。

(2) Qbag内に10QBT以上5000QBT未満を保有しているユーザーは、15万FICの賞金プールを按分します。

2. Qbao NetworkユーザーはQbag内にあるBTCの保有量に応じて、50万FICトークンの賞金プールをシェアします。

(1) Qbag内に0.01BTC以上を保有しているユーザーは、45万FICの賞金プールを按分します。

(2) Qbag内に0.01BTC未満を保有しているユーザーは、5万FICの賞金プールを按分します。

3. Qbao NetworkユーザーはQbag内にあるETHの保有量に応じて、100万FICトークンの賞金プールをシェアします。

(1) Qbag内に0.3ETH以上を保有しているユーザーは、90万FICの賞金プールを按分します。

(2) Qbag内に0.3ETH未満を所有しているユーザーは10万FICの賞金プールを按分します;

4. Qbao NetworkユーザーはQbag内にあるATOMの保有量に応じて、50万FICの賞金プールをシェアします。

(1) Qbag内に20ATOM以上を所有しているユーザーは、45万FICの賞金プールを按分します。

(2) Qbag内に20ATOM未満を所有しているユーザーは、5万FICの賞金プールを按分します。

追加:Qbao Networkは2019年7月10日北京時間18:00にスナップショットを実施する予定です。この時点でユーザーのQbag内にあるトークンの保有量に応じてトークンを配布します。全ての賞金は2019年7月12日23時までに配布を完了します。

二、Qbao Networkユーザーのブロックチェーン資産とQbag内資産の総資産のランキングに応じてトークンの賞金を獲得します。

Qbao Networkユーザーは「マイページ」ー「総資産」の順でタップすると、Qbao Networkウォレット内資産+ブロックチェーン資産+Qbag内資産の総資産を確認できます。Qbao Networkは2019年7月10日北京時間18:00にスナップショットを実施する予定です。ユーザーの総資産ランキングにより、トップ2000名に1人につき500FICを配布します。全ての賞金は2019年7月12日23時までに配布を完了します。


Qbao NetworkはSNSのFinCredit Protocolグループ(グループID:Q78046729)とQbao Networkの公式グループで不定期にFICのラッキーマネーを配布します。奮ってご参加ください。

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Qbao Network’s strategic partner FinCredit Protocol established their own community on Qbao Network Social. To celebrate FinCredit Protocol joining Qbao Network Family,a massive FIC airdrop is on-going in Qbao Network Wallet.

How to join the massive FIC Airdrop?

1. Download Qbao Network Wallet from App Store or Google Play (Official Website:

2. Create your Qbao Network Wallet.

Three ways to get FIC airdrop after creating a Qbao Network wallet.

1. Join Qbao Official Group (ID: Q37000081) or FinCredit Protocol Group (ID: Q78046729) on Qbao Network wallet social dashboard to get random FIC Happy Bonus.

(FIC Happy Bonus Airdrop Time: From 10:00, 4th July, 2019 To 18:00, 10th July, 2019…

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Development Update

1. Launched Qbao Network V4.4.

2. Confirmed the features of Qbao Network V4.5 and made development schedule.

a. Developed Qbag’s USDT top up and withdraw functionality;

b. Added ATOM financial product line in token bank;

c. Optimized social group feature.

d. Optimized Qbag’s token top up and withdraw functionality, enabled user to transfer tokens from an external address to his own Qbag address directly, and vice versa

3. Optimized Qtum node according to the latest update of Qtum 0.17.6.

4. On-going development of a customized blockchain game with a third party and started the testing procedure.

5. Technical work on Coingame version updates. …

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Qbao Network Wallet has been updated 1–2 times per month since it was launched on October 24, 2017. Qbao Network team is dedicated to making a great crypto wallet for global users and creating real value for QBT holders. After half month intensive work of developing, Qbao Network V4.4 has been officially launched yesterday, which featured with ATOM/BTC, ATOM/ETH trading pairs and ATOM token bank product line.

1. Qbao Network V4.4 enabled user to top-up or withdraw ATOM token from Qbag.

Qbao Network is a combination of decentralized and centralized crypto wallet. Uses has liberty to deposit their cryptocurrencies on chain or in Qbag. Listing ATOM in Qbag, users can top-up or withdraw ATOM from Qbag, distribute ATOM happy bonus and purchase ATOM financial product. …



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