300K LFT Round 3 Airdrop Distribution

Version 3.4 release airdrop event is now over.

(Event: https://medium.com/@Qbao2339/200k-vue-and-300k-lft-giving-away-to-celebrate-the-launch-of-qbao-network-v3-4-2ae5fd7a45e7)

For event 4, the detailed airdrop rules are follows:

We will conduct an LFT airdrop based on the amount of token bank product purchased during August 6th and August 17th.

Prerequisite: Update Qbao to the version 3.4


QBT-based token bank products share 50,000 LFT

Qtum-based token bank products share 100,000 LFT

ETH-based token bank products share 50,000 LFT

Airdrop form:

Directly on the ETH address of the Qbao Network user who meets the requirements

Airdrop time: expected before Aug 24

Round third of LFT is still waiting for you!

LFT website: https://www.linfinity.io/

Some people participated airdrop in the following event, but did not update to the latest version. Please update your Qbao App to the latest version 3.4 so that we can get your ETH address.(https://medium.com/@Qbao2339/1-3-phase-of-600k-lft-airdrop-distribution-587753c3af70) With ETH address, we can give airdrop.

LFT has been online CoinEx:

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