CoinEx List Voting Airdrop

Event 1

To list Qbao Token (QBT) on CoinEx, there will be 5QBT airdrop for each vote

Airdrop Amount: 5QBT per vote

Applying Instructions: Please provide the screenshot of your vote (User name must be displayed) through “Common Problem > Feedback” (for v3.3 and below) or “Customer Services” (for v3.4).

*The vote before this event can also apply for the airdrop.


1, Priority right of speech in Qbao;

2, 5,000 extra QBT rewards will be distributed if number of votes exceeds 1,000;

Event 2

100 Happy Bonuses (1,000QBT) will be send in a secret Qbao Group after the Event 1. Only participants of Event 1 will be invited to join the group.

Event time: to 12th August

CoinEx Voting Rules

1, Voting Condition: Identity verified users with at least 1,000CET balance;

2, Voting Cost: 1CET for each vote ( not refundable) ;

3, Voting Criteria: at least 1,000 votes for each project;

4, Listing Requirements: CoinEx will conduct a professional review of the project that meets the voting criteria, and will be scheduled to go online after the professional review. CoinEx will inform the sender of the application email once the review is passed and issue the online reward within 7 working days. If the relevant email is not received within 30 working days, the review would be not passed.


Vote Link:

To learn more:

Thank you for your trust and support for the Qbao Network team.

Recently, we found on some major social networking platforms that some cheaters pretended as official officers of Qbao to ask for mnemonics or other fraudulent actions as follows.

1 After Pretending a Qbao Network staff member actively in the social group for several days, he will give a group QR code to give away tokens after entering the group.

2 Let users transfer some tokens to an address and promise to return more tokens.

3 Send private messages to users to ask for mnemonics for various reasons.

4: Tell users that they are external third-party partners who can have prediction market or play games on their platform.

We hereby claim that:

1 The mnemonic is the unique key in Qbao. Don’t give mnemonics to anyone. Don’t transfer mnemonics through the internet. Don’t trust anyone to ask for your mnemonics in the name of an official staff. No one from our QbaoNetwork team will ask the user for mnemonics for any reason.

2: We will not give any address to let our users transfer tokens to the address.

3: Currenly, QbaoNetwork APP does not access to external platform to prediction market or play games

Please raise safety consciousness. Do not trust strangers. Keep and secure your mnemonics!!! If anybody asks for mnemonics, he must be a liar! If you have any questions, please use our official customer service in Qbao APP. The only official prediction market is the small game in the Qbao APP and our official parter Bodhi APP.

Please do not trust any non- official QbaoNetwork announcements and activities. Our official announcements and activities will only be released on the official channels.

Qbao Network official channels:

Qbao for iOS: App Store

Qbao for Android: Google Play

Official site & White paper:

Official Room on Qbao Network

Qbao English Room: Q32738868

Qbao Korean Room: Q87489633

PlayCoin Official: Q13757486

Vevue Official: Q81831502

Bodhi Official: Q96496350

MediBloc: Q22663260

ZatGo Official: Q93866079

Ink Labs: Q9930245

CFun Official: Q7374138

FB page:






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