Ideas for redecorating your home on a budget

Be it your first or fifth house, every great design lies in the details you put into it.

Create a bouquet of Colors

Photo credit: HGTV

Home designers have fallen back in love with colors. Of course, like anything else, too much color can well, be too much.

Going retro is also a consideration after all, everything old is considered new again.

Photo credit: Cortney Bishop Designs

Say it with a Signage

Let the board say everything. Vintage looking boards can add a bit of quirtky character to the ambiance of your home. Ziastore totally gets you and can knock you up with some real good ready made and customisable boards.

Wall Boards: by ZiaStoreNg

Let a locale inspire your space

How about switching up your throw pillows on your sofa? Yes, it does seem we’re living in a non-ending Ankara season but have you thought of switching up your living room to reflect a bit of tribal/aztec designs? Plain throw pillows don’t really cut it in modern designs unless the theme of the room doesn’t go well with this.

You can get the throw pillow below on

Throw Pillows with Remote Control compartments by CoveringForYou

Invest in at least, one piece of Artwork to anchor the room

Quite undoubtedly, the average Nigeria or person actually, wants a nice Artwork hanging down their wall but think Art is a luxury expense that’s not necessary. Art has the ability to add and be the focal point of the room it is installed in. Mind you, choose an Artwork that blends well into the theme and ambiance of your living/dining/bed room. If you’re not redecorating, our best advise would be that you buy 2 pieces per year.

Siren Afrique: by Tayo Olusola
Silence by: Joshradek

Consider your Negative Space

In design, sometimes, less is more. Whilst it may be tempting to cover every empty wall with an Art piece or something else, your negative space is the area that’s not taken up by anything. This space should speak for itself; it should look great when its empty so your job is to find such spaces in your home. Declutter such space in your home for it to just be.

Photo Credit: Apartment Therapy

Freshen up with Flowers

Flowers have a way of adding that final finishing touch to your beautiful home. Bring some natural outdoor beauty, indoors. House plants/flowers have a way of changing the mood and making the surroundings fresh.

Photo credit: Maison de Pax

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