Why it is important to have a consistent Skin care routine

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Your skin is very important because it serves as a protective gear between your insides and the rest of the world. The skin acts as a body temperature and a filter. Throughout life, your skin undergoes a constant state of growth with old cells dying off and newer cells being formed.

A better skin is more equipped to fight signs of aging, heals faster, and wards off potential skin diseases.

The Basics

The basics you need for your daily skin care routine are

  1. A moisturiser
  2. A cleanser
  3. A toner
  4. A scrub
  5. A good sunscreen. It is important to note that African/black women also need sunscreen. Sunscreens are not only suitable for non African/white/Asian women, black women also need sunscreen as the effects of the sun rays on the skin are also applicable.

Benefits to a Consistent Skin Care Routine

Here are long lasting benefits to employing a consistent personal skin care routine

1. Your youthful glow will return

With aging comes a reduction of your skin’s natural glow and vibrancy. Regular exfoliation removes dead and dull skin cells, giving way for the body cells to generate newer and youthful skin cells.

2. Your skin will stay in good condition

Let’s use a car as a case study, as a car owner, you’ll always ensure that your car has enough engine oil that’s changed every often because you understand it is vital to the lifespan of the car. See your skin in the same light, if you don’t have take of your skin, you’ll lose its natural beauty.

3. Consistency leads to visible results

When you buy beauty products, don’t expect to start seeing visible results only after a few days. It would usually take weeks of consistent use before you will start noticing results in affected areas. A consistent routine should take no more than 5–10 minutes each day which helps you prevent acne, wrinkles, and enhance the clarity of your skin.

Our advice is to stick to a consistent beauty routine and be patient, one day you’ll look in the mirror and notice the visible changes in your skin.

4. Know where you buy your products from

Buy you beauty products from trusted sources and be sure of the composition of each product you buy. Know what you reach to and avid products having those ingredients.

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