What can you do to drive ‘Make in India’?

MAKE IN INDIA is the catalyst for creating jobs in the country. It is the right strategy.

However, for MAKE IN INDIA to happen, it is important that the government deal with the following anticipated challenges:

· New factories will require land

· New factories will require power

· Road infrastructure will need to be world-class

· Indian Railways infrastructure will need to be enhanced

· Ports will need to be multiplied

· Skilled manpower will need to be developed at an accelerated pace.

These challenges can be addressed through long term goals. We can make it happen. However, we need leaders of the caliber of E Sreedharan, the “Metro Man”, to make MAKE IN INDIA an invitation to the world. Do we have such clean leaders?

Our leaders must rise above corruption, crime, caste, and community. Only then can the challenges be addressed.

So what can we do in the short term? We can, and should, transform our current factories to be the most efficient in the world. Our focus should be MADE IN INDIA.

The prescription is simple: Make a Habit of Quality Improvement.

Go beyond simply maintaining the standards through Quality Control. Proactively challenge the standards; and reap savings in terms of Cost Of Poor Quality (COPQ).

Next, plough the savings into solar power; and into building institutions for skills development.

Build brand MADE IN INDIA.

These are short term, but powerful, measures that are equally applicable to the service sector: BPO, transportation; communication; hospitality; health care; education; and more. We need to be the most effective service providers in the world.


We need a Quality Revolution. Quality Improvement at a rate faster than that in Japan, South Korea, and Germany.

I believe, India can make it….And make it better.

Are you ready to build your country up? Tell me how You specifically can contribute to this!

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*The MADE IN INDIA tiger is a creative representation of the idea behind becoming a manufacturing behemoth in the global markets. Any resemblance to any other logo, is purely unintentional.

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About Suresh Lulla

SURESH LULLA is the Founder & Managing Director of Qimpro Consultants Pvt Ltd. The company offers a range of services that include: Process Management, Quality Life Cycle Management, Business Excellence, Benchmarking of Best Practices, Professional Certifications for Quality & Reliability, and Recognition of Excellence in Individuals, Teams, & Organizations. Under Mr Lulla’s leadership, Qimpro has saved its clients well over Rs 175 billion in terms of cost of poor quality, as well as significantly improved customer satisfaction levels in the manufacturing, service, and healthcare sectors. Apart from India, Qimpro has conducted assignments in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Viet Nam, Pakistan, Sultanate of Oman, Bahrain, Iran, and Kenya.

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