Lessons in Sexuality learnt from a real-life Borderline PornHub incident

Anonymity is empowering.

Can it get anymore relevant in these times of #Sarahah app?

My anonymity acts as my shield that helps me express unapologetically my sexscapades. This incident that happened last night has changed my thought process from a sexuality standpoint.

I bloomed rather early in life as far as sex is concerned. Yet, it did take its own time to come to terms with it, deal with it and figure out how to go about. As mentioned in my earlier post, I get quite experimental with sex and I sort of invited unwarranted sexual attention from my cab driver.

As luck would have it, about 1 km away from my apartment(where I stay by myself), we got flat tyre at 1:15 am. He took a good 20 minutes to fix it while I was ogling at his arms.

He requested to come in and wash his hands that got “dirty” on account of replacing the flat tyre with a stepney. I agreed. Mistake number 1.

We reached my apartment at about 2 am and he washed himself. He then seated himself in my bed and started asking me random questions about my apartment. I patiently answered. He asked if he could rest for a while. I agreed and offered him the [only] bed I had. Remember, this was about 2 am. He laid on my bed and started watching something on his phone. Mistake number 2.

I was pretty exhausted and decided to put myself beside him. Mistake number 3.

The inevitable happened. Mistake number 4.

Now starts the drama.

After the act, he went into my kitchen and started ransacking it. He grabbed handfuls of whatever he could find like dry fruits, normal fruits etc. He asked me to cook a meal for him at about 2:20 am and I flatly refused. First right thing of the evening.

He then negotiated and made me agree for making a cup of tea. Mistake number 5.

In the meantime, he wanted to smoke. I asked him to go to the balcony and smoke. Mistake number 6.

Now, he had his tea in the balcony while smoking when some lady was passing by on the apartment common area. He started making sounds as if that was like some silly mating call. He had the audacity to ask me if he could ask her to come up. I lost it there and literally had to throw him out of my flat at that point.

Which is the biggest mistake?

Well! Letting him know where I live and taking him along once is a blunder. The biggest one!

After this cheapness I saw, I decided something to myself.

  1. Never downplay yourself.

I know I am precious and special. One has got to deserve me.

2. Never indulge with people who work for you.

Whether it is a male servant of the house who might even look like George Clooney’s second cousin, hold on!

3. Never take random strangers home.

Out of desperation, if you do, BOY! you don’t know what you’re getting into.

Would like to warn fellow brethren so that they are aware of how worse it could get.

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