On Maybe Never Kissing A Woman Ever Again.

So I’m hella queer. And I’m really in love. With a guy.

I haven’t felt any sort of conflict with my sexuality per say. Yet I have come to the realization that if we want to move in together and if we’re really in love. Then maybe I might not ever kiss another woman's lips. I might not ever make love to a woman ever again. Am I okay with this? Should bisexual woman be okay with this? Is it essential to my sexuality and queer identity that I sometimes have a rendezvous with a woman? I have been asking myself this. Today I know the answer is no. But maybe this will change in the future. I know that my partner would be open to having the conversation, he has been so open and loving about everything, I have complete confidence that we could make it through anything. But today, I am proud of my sexuality, proud to be with this amazing man and proud to be in love. I don’t need to ‘act’ on my sexuality in order to re-affirm my queerness. I am gay every day.