Qobit Official Announcement of New Smart Contract

Qobit Official Announcement:

A serious security issue has been found while we were auditing and creating new Smart Contract for our private investors. In order to guarantee the benefits of all our Qobit investors, we decide to create a new token QOB(0x1a75288226ad60431eb7759430cdf764e2bb56ea), to replace the old token QOBI(0x1f08c3f43b3b6481989bfd13288ffe054c451634). The exchange of QOBI to QOB will be with ratio of 1:1, which has been transferred smoothly. Please do check your wallet for confirmation.

The transfer of QOB for last bounty program will be done today.

We are sorry for the inconvenience and thank every qobiter for your support.

Qobit Team Nov. 29, 2018