Qtum Community & Development Updates — September 4

Patrick Presenting Qtum at the Bay Area Blockchain Summit

Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Bay Area Blockchain Summit

This past week Patrick Dai, Qtum’s co-founder, spoke at the first Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Bay Area Blockchain Summit. Patrick gave a presentation on the “Blockchain Technology: Past, Present, and the Future” and also spoke on a panel about blockchain security.

Jaxx Integration

Qtum is now on Jaxx

Projects are considering making a switch to Qtum

Thanks to a community member on reddit for pointing this small detail about Blocksafe moving to a fork of Qtum. We think that this highlights the power of our technology and hope that more businesses and application developers try out our platform to experience the difference.

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Development Updates

Bugs fixed:

  • [Staking/EVM] Fixed bug so that staking checks transaction gas limits at the output level, rather than just the transaction level, preventing certain gas limit exceeding attacks

Work completed:

  • [Misc] Disabled txindex and prune options, since prune is not currently unsupported, and txindex can not be disabled (thanks guest contributor crypt0m1nd3r)
  • [RPC/EVM] Added `getlogs` method to get logs from a specific smart contract for a certain block range
  • [RPC/EVM] Added `getstorage` method to get storage data from a specific smart contract fro a certain block range
  • [Staking] Extended the staker to properly prioritize contract transactions on gas price
  • [Staking] Added options -staker-min-tx-gas-price, -staker-max-tx-gas-limit, and -staker-soft-block-gas-limit for fine tuning acceptable transactions for staking
  • [Consensus] Added a consensus rule to disallow transactions larger than 1Mb

In-progress work and soon to be fixed bugs:

  • We’ve been working on creating a Qtum Ledger (the hardware wallet) app, as well as porting Electrum to work with Qtum. We’ve had some success, but still a ways to go. There is no ETA yet, though we expect it to be done by the time the mainnet is released.

Qtum Expenditures for August

Total expenditures in August: 140.0216 BTC
Post-crowdsale expenditures: 979.5199 BTC

1) Qtum Salaries and Benefits: This portion of the expenditures includes salaries and insurance for our team members and other benefits.

2) PR & Marketing Costs: the part of the cost, including overseas marketing costs and the Chinese marketing costs. Overseas & Chinese marketing costs include: overseas market partners, media, meetings, meetups, hackathons, social platforms, community management, etc.

3) Operating Costs: Operating costs include office rent (Shanghai and Minsk), travel and accommodation, office daily expenses, and other miscellaneous expenses.

4) Compliance Costs: overseas legal services costs, cost of legal services in China, patent costs, financial transparency labor costs etc.

5) Business Development: initial commercial deployment and development costs, etc.

Qtum Expenses