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Why Did Ethereum Need A Token Standard?

Let’s do a quick thought experiment. Imagine that you live in country A. There is a lane in that country with 5 different stores accepting 5 different currencies. Can you imagine how confusing and chaotic that could be? Without having a set currency that’s accepted all…

Qtum Crypto Bites: Onwards And Upwards Towards Halving

Qtum had an eventful August with many interesting updates. On August 23, we officially marked 100 days on our march towards Qtum’s first Block Reward Halving, happening on December 1, 2021.

What Is the Ethereum Virtual Machine?

Let us take a look at Java as an example, in Java, developers write the codes and compile them into bytecodes. These bytecodes are then loaded into the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and executed in the JVM. The JVM specification ensures the interoperability of the programs across different implementations. Ethereum takes a similar approach, where developers code smart contracts in…

2Q 2021 Expenditures

During the second quarter of 2021 (April, May, and June) the Qtum Chain Foundation spent 20.7 bitcoin, an average of 6.9 BTC per month. The monthly expenditures are given below (the expenditure amount changes with bitcoin price fluctuation).

Qtum Crypto Bites: Happy Million Blocks to You Too!!

June has been a historic month for Qtum as we managed to complete one million blocks on the Qtum Blockchain on June 26, 2021.

The Escalating Problem Of Ethereum Congestion

It goes without saying that Ethereum is the most popular platform in the blockchain space due to its thriving developer community and the DeFi ecosystem (which is currently worth $60 billion). However, this increased activity, unfortunately, comes at a price. …


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