TERRORISM — “We Will Never Waver”
Brian Rose

I agree in spirit Brian, but here’s a hypothetical:

Is there any amount of terrorism which could convince you that Britain is not united in its values? Take France for example — seems like every few months there is a terrorist attack there and it has been obviously on the rise over the last 3 years. Do you believe France is united in its values?

Plus, Nigel Farage did a call-in show after the Westminster Attacks and the callership did not seem united at ALL. Non-Muslims disagreed with Muslims, Non-Muslims disagreed with other Non-Muslims, and Muslims disagreed with other Muslims. The way I see it, the UK could not be MORE divided.

If people can’t even agree on what causes these attacks — if it has to do with religion or not, if other Muslims need to speak out and fight Islamic terror, etc etc I would not call that “united” in any sense of the word.

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