Dear White Writers, “White Supremacy” is Not a Label and You Don’t Have a Clue How White You Are…
Ezinne Ukoha

“ White writers who purposely find innovative ways to convince Black people that they are on our side”

There are sides? Apparently there are black people, good whites, and the bad whites. All black people are oppressed victims, good whites believe all black people are oppressed victims, and bad whites believe black people can do better if they get married and raise their children together. Gotcha!

“ With the exception of actual neo-Nazis and a few others, there isn’t anyone in America who’s trying to promote the idea that whites are inherently superior to blacks or Latinos”

And that’s the truth. They gave this moron who said “Hail Trump” so much mainstream news coverage, everyone who doesn’t understand confirmation bias believes it is a huge movement now.

“ President-elect Donald Trump all the ammunition he needs to fill his Christmas tree with ornaments that refuse justice and embrace the temperament of anything that makes people of color feel righteously inferior.”

What are you on about? What has Donald Trump said to make YOU PERSONALLY feel inferior?