For this very reason, make every effort to add to your faith goodness; and to goodness, knowledge; and to knowledge, self-control; and to self-control, perseverance; and to perseverance, godliness; and to godliness, mutual affection; and to mutual affection, love.

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Living Words takes a closer look at verses in the Bible and how we can apply them.

Whenever I come across passages like this, I pay special attention to them. While 2 Timothy 3:16 tells us that “All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness”, I find listed instruction like this to be particularly helpful.

At least, that’s my initial reaction. But after a moment I begin to wonder what it means to bring all of these elements together, ultimately culminating in what should be the most Christian of practices, love. …

A whirlwind week filled with fear, compassion, and hope

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I want to start this story at the present day, because I don’t think there’s a great deal of value in building up any suspense and because my wife Sara and I have experienced quite enough stress. Currently, our little family is home, happy, and healthy. Our son Carl has been through a few checkups and is doing well, and the same is true for Sara. We’re mostly just battling the normal challenges that come with having a newborn. Sleep comes in shorter increments than it used to. We are surrounded by diapers. There are lots of moments of frustration…

How the new partnership between the WWE and Peacock will drive growth for both companies

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Early yesterday morning, my phone started buzzing. Group chats were blowing up, friends were texting me, and Teams messages abounded. Two of my favorite things, media deals and professional wrestling, were front and center in the news. Peacock has signed a deal to become the home of the WWE Network. Beyond being of personal interest to me, this is the perfect example of two media companies forming a partnership that will accelerate growth for both of them and give consumers more of what they want.

WWE runs an amazing business and was way ahead of the game in direct-to-consumer streaming…

Acquiring Quibi’s library — even with its limitations — would be a smart move for Roku. Here’s why.

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Recently, Roku has been making itself known as a gatekeeper who drives a hard bargain. Gone are the days when content companies can simply assume that Roku will carry what they’re offering without demanding some kind of significant compensation.

With its great ambitions, the next logical step in Roku’s growth is to begin to acquire original or exclusive content. The company appears to be finding a creative way to do so, as the Wall Street Journal has reported that Roku is in discussions to acquire the rights to…wait for it…Quibi’s library of shows. That’s right, not even escaping 2020 could…

Life, growth, and pizza in the strangest year on record.

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Four and a half years ago, having listened to a podcast about Medium and with a desire to start writing more, I thought it might be fun to start That Good You Need. At first, I wrote a weekly recommendation column of sorts. It was all over the place but helped me understand what it was I most enjoyed writing about. I’ve dabbled in all kinds of things, eventually focusing the most on media, although I continue to write about religion, politics, and other topics here and there.

One of my earliest pieces drew its inspiration from the mid-twenties life…

An understated story became a massive hit and helped to show Disney the way forward.

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Last week, WarnerMedia made waves by announcing that the films in its 2021 slate would debut on HBO Max and in theaters on the same day. This week, it was Disney’s turn to make the big streaming-related news. They did not disappoint.

Disney held a 4-hour (FOUR-HOUR!) event for investors last Thursday, where they announced an enormous number of projects. Somewhere around 80% of that forthcoming content is specifically for Disney+. Vulture has a list of everything here. It is a massive list.

There is plenty of analysis out there about Disney’s decision to continue debuting some movies in theaters…

Dave Chappelle has a point

Photo by Matthias Wagner on Unsplash

Last week, Dave Chappelle released a special on Instagram. It’s short, about 18 minutes long, and very pointed. Chappelle provides a brief history of his career and draws parallels between how he was treated as a teenager on the standup scene and how he was treated as a breakout star preparing to sign a contract for Chappelle’s Show. He laments the fact that, when he signed the deal, he gave up ownership of the show because he needed more money up front and because he didn’t have a deep understanding of how the industry worked.

He also remarks that the…

It seems journalists are either “heading to Substack” or joining the New York Times. Here’s why.

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Recently, a number of journalists have left their positions at various media outlets. With the help of tools provided by tech upstart Substack, they’re venturing out on their own and attempting to monetize their readers directly. It’s DTC, but for journalism.

But not all journalists and media personalities are following that path. Some of the most prominent have instead chosen to embrace an equally prominent institution — The New York Times.

As Sara Fischer outlines for Axios, a number of well-known reporters, writers, and analysts have opted to leave their organizations and join the Times. Despite what you hear from…

A quick history of the streaming service and a look into its future as part of Disney

It’s been a long and winding road. Photo by Kees Streefkerk on Unsplash

The story of Hulu has more twists and turns than almost anything you could watch on the service itself. Hulu has always had multiple owners with competing priorities and has never reached its true potential. But somehow, 13 years after its founding, it remains one of the most recognizable, important, and utilized streaming services in the US.

Here is a quick rundown of Hulu’s recent history. Until recently, 21st Century Fox, Disney, and Comcast each held 30% of the company, while AT&T held 10%. Then, Disney acquired 21st Century Fox and AT&T divested. …

With plenty of players, consumers, and even goals, the competition for prominence in the next generation of video delivery is less of a war and more of a maze

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People are watching more video than ever. If one only read headlines and looked at topline data, they might be mystified about such a proclamation. According to eMarketer, traditional Pay TV is down almost 25% since its peak in 2014. Even when including vMVPD’s, which buoyed the industry for a bit, the downward trend is undeniable.

But while traditional Pay TV has faltered, SVOD and AVOD have exploded, with new services launching all the time. There are dominant players like Netflix and Disney+ who have sworn by the idea of a commercial-free experience and blockbuster programming. These players steal most…

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