Here Come the Surcharges
Nicole Dieker

I would rather businesses be required to give the total cost, including tax and surcharges, up front. Anyone that was not born last night and is not currently living under a rock understands that all of the costs of doing business will be passed on to the end user of the goods or services.

Gas stations in my area routinely give two different prices for each grade of gasoline, one if you pay cash and another if you use a credit card. This helps the purchaser know what they are going to pay per gallon, before they start to fill up. Conversely, I hate trying to book a motel room, only to find out that the $69 nightly rate ends up being $85.49, after surcharges, taxes and fees are applied. That $16.49 nightly difference, not only adds $82.45 to the cost of a five night stay, but it also make comparison shopping much more difficult, since fees vary from one hotel to the next.

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