Alley-Oops! Nike’s Risk Management is No Slam Dunk

It’s safe to say that Nike’s marketing department shot a bit of an air-ball when they decided to dress up a statue of Winston Churchill in a French basketball jersey as a publicity stunt.

A French court has ordered the sportswear giant to pay £48,000 to sculptor Jean Cardot, who was outraged that his work had been desecrated and used without his permission. Mr Cardot has been in a legal tussle with Nike since the stunt occurred in 2011, and has finally won his payment this week.

So how could Nike shoot such a miss?

Clearly their marketing department didn’t evaluate all the risks involved with the stunt. Without having proper procedures in place to ensure that the stunt was appropriate and the proper authorities (e.g. the sculptor) had given permission, Nike were always shooting in the wrong hoop.

Nike have yet to comment on this debacle, but perhaps they thought conducting a proper risk assessment would take too long, cost too much money, or was simply unnecessary. Too many organisations still cut corners when it comes to risk management, which can not only cost you money but can also affect product quality and pose a significant danger to employees.

Proper risk management could have prevented this from happening.

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