Proper Document Control Could Have Prevented Poorly Placed Pringle Promotion Problem

A recent promotional Pringles mishap left Tesco embarrassed and demonstrated the importance of having proper control over marketing documents and protocol.

For many businesses, seasonal promotions are often seen as a reliable way to entice customers with relevant services and products all year round. When done successfully, it can drive sales and delight consumers, and give businesses a chance to flaunt their cultural awareness.

When done poorly, it can lead to a national embarrassment, such as the one recently experienced by a London Tesco store when it decided to offer smokey bacon flavoured Pringles as part of a Ramadan promotion.

As pork is forbidden for practicing Muslims, it didn’t take long for a keen-eyed shopper to share the poorly-placed promotion online. Unsurprisingly, the reaction did not fall in Tesco’s favour.

While some Twitter users were left shaking their heads, many found the oversight ‘hilarious’.

So was this cultural insensitivity or shelf-stacking error?

A Pringles spokesman said the promotion was the company’s idea, but the stand was only supposed to contain original, sour cream and onion and salt and vinegar flavours. He went on to say “It was never our intention to cause any offense and we’ve taken steps to ensure this doesn’t happen again.”

Tesco shared similar remorse, stating “We recognise these Pringles weren’t in the most suitable place and our store colleagues have now moved them.”

While unintentional, errors like this can cost a company credibility, if not custom. Having proper control of marketing documentation would have minimised the likelihood of this occurring, as well taking the blame off Tesco’s shoulders.

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