The Drone of New Technologies

Technology changes everything.

It means we get products and services cheaper, quicker and, often, better. So, technology is better for everyone?

Well, actually no.

Technologies can upend long-standing balances around issues like privacy, safety and security.

It’s not difficult to see the appeal of owning a drone.

For around the cost of an I-phone, you can buy a vehicle which you can fly almost anywhere.


However, there have been reports of drones becoming a nuisance. A real nuisance. At least, in America where the consumer drones market has already taken off. Drone have been preventing fire rescue teams be able to put out blazes, flying into chartered airspace, doing graffiti, even crash landing at a tennis tournament.

It was only a matter of time before one vigilante shot a drone from the sky.

To prevent similar happenings in Europe, the EU Lords select committee has concluded in a report that for the consumer drones market to really take off, it needs to be regulated to avoid serious incidents.

Many businesses are also investing in drones.

A fast food chain in Russia is using drones to deliver pizza. Go Pro is launching AirDog, a drone which gives mountain bikers, kite surfers and other sports people a birds eye-view video of their experiences. And Amazon is planning to launch Prime air, a drone driven delivery service which aims to get your order delivered to your address in 30 minutes.

Whilst the drones market may currently be flying high, the future is likely to be highly regulated to avoid serious incidents.

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