I Was a Men’s Rights Activist
As Told to MEL

Both movements are innately flawed because of their base claim, oppression. They grossly misuse the term to refer to the social struggles of both sexes. In reality such struggles are expected in an intelligent free society with diversely minded people.

As long as we have free speech, there will always be societal values and expectations. If you choose not to accept such standards then some may think various negative things of you depending on what new values and standards you adopt, but so be it. One is not morally obligated to agree with or be nice to everyone. Also note my choice of wording, “if you choose not to accept such standards.” The girl who thinks she’s oppressed in your sociology class because she shaves her legs is a buffoon. No one is forcing her to shave her legs; no one is forcing her to accept the supposed bullshit standards of society. By definition, oppression requires force. We must stop thinking in terms of the collective and start thinking in terms of the individual. What I mean by this is that it is not the burden of the societal consensus to create a universally acceptable set of values, it is the task of the individual to have a mind and determine their own bloody values and anyone who believes in the opposite, specifically those in the supposed gender equality groups, are whiny babies who lack the mental strength to even think for themselves. “All my problems are because of ambiguous society”.