An Introduction to Machine Learning with Quantiacs

By Eric Hamer

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are hot topics with respect to quantitative finance. The world’s largest fund company (Blackrock) recently announced that it was replacing some of their analysts with computers employing machine learn and artificial intelligence. The founder and CEO of Blackrock, Laurence Fink, says, “The democratization of information has made it much harder for active management. We have to change the ecosystem — that means relying more on big data, artificial intelligence, factors and models within quant and traditional investment strategies.”

The firm believes that the right machine learning algorithms could pick stocks as well traditional analysts. At Quantiacs, we share this belief, which is why we are on a mission to democratize hedge funds for good by empowering anyone in the world to earn a fortune creating trading algorithms in their spare time.

This post provides a brief introduction to machine learning and shows….

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Join us for the webinar, “Introduction to Machine Learning for Quantitative Finance” on Tuesday, 15th June 2017 (8:30 PM IST | 8:00 AM PST | 11:00 AM EST). The webinar will be conducted by Eric Hamer, Chief Technology Officer at Quantiacs. Register now!