Accounting with Personality

Breaking the stereotype

Rumor has it that accounting departments can be pretty dry and sterile places, but this does not have to be the case. Accounting for every penny that goes in and out of business is tedious and dry work, but there is more to an excellent accountant than data entry.

As your business grows, it will be increasingly important to have an accountant who is knowledgeable, flexible and agile.

Your business’ books tell a story, and a good accountant can provide a compelling narrative. This narrative can be tailored to achieve many different goals. Consider your financial “audience”:

1. Your Bank wants to hear about solid cash management and positive future cash flow to get you a new revolving line of credit or business loan.

2. The IRS will want clean books that directly correlate with your taxes.

3. Stakeholders and Employees want to know that their hard work is paying off, and your customers and clients want to know that your brand has longevity.

4. Venture Capitalists are looking for your past trends to dictate future growths and gains for their investments

When you’re planning your financial team, it’s important to retain someone with personality. Someone who gets your business, who fits your industry, and knows what kind of story your books need to tell for your reporting needs.

Your accountant should be bold enough to voice financial concerns before they become problems, become excited about potential growth trends with the ability to communicate both scenarios with equal weight, and understand what success looks like for your industry to help you plan for the future.

Written by Jeanine Hall founder of Quant Solutions