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My two cents as a student

There’s a thing I didn’t understand at first when I went to college for the first time, and realized later when I started having success at it. I consider this piece of information pure gold, and took me several years to gain insight about it and digest it to a point where is easy to understand and remember.

Now I want to save you time and frustration by sharing it with you and hopefully you will agree with me and realize this is the main difference between the best students, and those who struggle even when doing a lot of effort.

This idea is often supported even by parents who in their best intention think is correct. Let me tell you even I myself suffered from this distortion of reality which was slowing me down a lot in the process of learning and graduating from college.

You see, many people think when going to college that is the school’s duty to teach them and have them learn the subject in question. This is a passive approach which sets you in a starting position where you feel you are not in control of your own learning process and thus not your being responsibility.

In reality is exactly the opposite. You are the one who wants to learn and who is benefited from the education and from graduating. You are the one learning and the school is just a tool to help you achieve this goal. But you are in control of your learning and the main responsibility falls in your own shoulders.

When you take this active approach to your learning you start doing weird things such as reading about a topic before you attend to a lecture about it. Since you realize this will be very advantageous and you will make the most out of the lecture because it will not be the first time you are confronted with certain information.

When you take an active approach towards your education you learn faster because you go at your own pace and receive support from people who is also passionate about the same subjects as you are.

You feel responsible about your education and take actions accordingly. You become your own captain and boss and in fact it’s very likely you will acquire organizational and leadership skills along the way, by being your own leader and not letting the flow or trend take decisions for you.

I think this is a big problem education is confronting today and it’s mutually unsatisfactory since faculty staff gets frustrated about this passive attitude held by students thus creating a negative feedback loop which makes the educational institutions not as efficient as they could be.

Furthermore it creates a confrontational attitude between students and faculty members. When in fact their relationship should be mutually beneficial and really positive in practice. Adding value to each other’s lives and creating a means for knowledge to be alive, transmitted and used to help humankind keep making steps towards a better future.

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