How to mine Quantis

Quantis is an open-source cryptocurrency with no pre-mining, ICO or side-investment purpose. This means that anyone can mine Quantis, allowing mining pools to be more efficient and the best way to increase the limited Quans capital.

In the world of cryptocurrency, the word “mine” refers to how gold (the original currency) was mined from the ground and each time a piece was discovered, it was a new coin that wasn’t available before.

In the same way as gold, cryptocurrency mining consists in discovering new coins through a hard work process. The difference, of course, consists in crypto mining being an online job that substitutes physical digging work for solving intense mathematical problems on a computer.

But as a cryptocurrency becomes popular, mining becomes more difficult and it requires a great number of resources such as electricity and hardware. Otherwise, the user won’t stand a chance to ever be the one solving the problem. But for one single user, purchasing all the resources needed could be too much.

Quantis counts with a total max supply of $15.000.000, The current supply has of today is 908,185 Quan, the Quantis explorer is available , here are some more speccifications about Quantis:

 Algorithm: Scrypt  Block Time: 55 seconds  Block Size: 25 MB  Block Difficulty: 5 Blocks  Block Maturity: 50 Blocks

The best way to mine Quantis is by using a mining pool. This is the best way to make it really profitable, increasing the Blockchain network and making the project grow.

What do you need to mine Quantis?

Mining Quantis in a solo way is highly unpractical; the amount of physical resources you’ll need is absurd. Trying to purchase the resources will only translate and a waste of money as you’ll need too much space, electricity, computer power, etc.

Instead of mining with your own gears, renting a miner is the solution that many people is using when they decide to mine Quantis and other cryptocurrencies. Also, instead of going on by themselves, they are also taking advantage of online pools.

These two tools are the only ones you need to mine Quans if you want to do it in the smart, profitable way. Let’s see what these are

Cloud Mining — renting a miner

Renting a miner consists in avoiding to purchase your own hardware, but finding someone that keeps the structure and simply rents the hashing power or hardware. The most popular, profitable and secure way to mine Quantis is through cloud mining. Let’s see the different options:

Without a doubt, this cloud mining method has several advantages such as:

• You won’t invest in expensive equipment that may have to be sold after a while.

• You don’t have to store the hot hardware at the office or at home so it won’t affect your place’s temperature.

• Reduces the chance of being let down by hardware suppliers

• Allows you to easily participate in mining pools.

• Represents a more cost-effective inversion regarding harsh power than the one you would have to make to mine by yourself.

What are the best cloud mining providers of 2018?

• Genesis mining: the most popular, sometimes it’s sold out but it’s completely reliable and low-risk. Also, it works with several cryptocurrencies.

• Hashnet: backed by a very renowned mining hardware manufacturer Bitmain, it’s reliable and has some verifiable data centers.

• MinerGate:

• Hashflare: you can buy hash power for mining Quantis and other cryptocurrencies at a time. The contracts are temporary.

• Eobot: the sign in is very secure so your information won’t be stolen and also includes a calculator to help you estimate your profits. Nevertheless, there’s little information regarding the owners, which makes it a bit risky to invest in.

Mining Pools; what are them and how to use them?

As simple as it sounds, mining pools are groups of solo miners that joint together their physical resources into one big pool. This pool increases the chances of miners to solve the block and receive the reward.

The best part is that the mining is remote so you don’t have to even own the hardware to participate in the pool. On the other hand, the pool house or owner takes charge of all the administrative procedures such as reward distribution, payments, etc. Of course, it will also charge a small percentage of what’s earned.

Even though it sounds like dividing the reward among so many people is not profitable, the truth is that that chances of actually earning that reward increase exponentially. When you may be solving 1 problem of 100 every 10 minutes (or less) by mining on your own, you can be solving 100 problems with a mining pool.

This means that even when the rewards are significantly lower, they come so much more frequently, that it overcompensates.

Quantis available pools

For mining Quantis, you can already join one of the following pools for a convenient price:

Profit Calculator

Quantis is a really new cryptocurrency, so it may not be so easy to calculate the profits for mining it. Thinking about this and in a way to enhance the user experience, the developers on this currency have provided a calculator that helps its miners to determine their benefits.

For accessing the Quantis profit calculator follow this link:


As the project is still new, the moment is now to mine significantly and stake a good amount of Quans. That stake will allow you to level up and evolve with the project so the invitation is to rent a miner with your ideal cloud mining provider, join a pool and start mining Quantis.