QUANTOR Talk On BarCamp Related To Blockchain And FinTech Industry

On Wednesday the 7th of November the CEO of QUANTOR and the CTO of QUANTOR gave a brilliant talk at BarCamp in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. They revealed the fundamental perspectives of InvestTech, blockchain, EdTech and FinTech and what the future holds for these industries in Russia and beyond. The talk was very warmly received by the professional community at BarCamp which sparked a very stimulating discussion and a fruitful Q&A session afterwards.

Both Sergey Bolshakov and Vasiliy Pimpkin have said that they themselves have heard plenty of fantastic ideas that QUANTOR can implement in the future. The purpose of our presentation was to inspire and educate people on what role can algorithmic trading play in the sphere of blockchain and cryptocurrencies and how our project will make their lives immeasurably easier by removing the need to pay for long and expensive university courses.

BarCamp this year have attracted a lot of great speakers from both Russia and abroad. One of the forum’s highlights included a talk given by Aleksey Fedorov (Creator of the world’s first quant blockchain) with title: “Blockchain: check, and do not trust” which exposed some general flows in the current block chain technology and why it needs serious improvement fast.

Another talk that grabbed our attention was given by Denis Smetnev- founder of Skyeng. The reason why it was particularly interesting is because Skyeng just like us are taking the process of learning online which is going to be especially helpful in emerging countries like the BRICS economies where schooling systems are very inefficient and often too expensive, and sadly do not equip students with enough tools and knowledge to succeed in life.

It was a pleasure attending BarCamp this year and we sure will come back next time to share more of our expertise and learn from other inspiring speakers!