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“Don’t look back in anger…” — by Julia Gergen

Well, I’m certainly not angry. But since next week will be my last week at the Aktuel Translation Group, looking back seems like a good idea. Thanks, Oasis.

So here we go.

What I liked: Working with texts I’ve never worked with before at uni (patent, chemical, technical). It was fun, I learned a lot and I’ve found a new field I can imagine working in later. The variety of tasks. Besides the translations, I had the chance to proof read a website and a children’s book (possibly my favourite thing while I was here) and had a look at project management, which gave me a good insight into the industry and price calculation. The people, in the office and in general. Everybody is just so polite (I’ve never seen anybody saying ‘Thank you’ to the bus driver in Germany, I think it’s really nice) and helpful. And when you’re super lucky, *someone* celebrated a birthday last weekend and brings an amazing TARDIS cake.

What I didn’t like: 1) Being sick. Seriously, listen to me kids: When you get a cold, take the time to fully recover and do not, I repeat do not, walk around London or elsewhere as soon as you feel better because someone comes to see you and you do not want to let them down. The cold will come back. And it will cost you the Christmas party. Hence no heroic story about how I beat the boss at go-kart, sorry. 2) Checking a huge translation memory. I’m talking +60,000 entries. You become more proficient in using Trados, true. But please, dear SDL software developers, tell me: Why in the world would you not implement a functionality that allows you, after changing the maximum of 100 entries, to go back to the exact same segment you left off? Why manually go from page to page, sitting there for 20 minutes, clicking? Bo-ring. Oh, did I mention that I still got 15,000 words left? Yay!

As you can see, the good parts definitely outweigh the bad parts and I enjoyed my time here a lot. While I was looking forward to seeing my family and friends again, the time has come now where I wish I could stay longer and learn more and discover more of the UK. But all good things come to an end and I’m sure the next intern will have as much fun as I did. After 4 months here, I can strongly recommend the internship to everyone who is “serious about translation”, as the brochure says it. If you want to know what I got out of it long-term, come back to the blog in a couple of months and I will tell you how I was able to use my newly gained knowledge for my uni courses. Hope to see you then!

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