Interior Castle, First Mansion, Ch. I

St Teresa presents the image of the soul being a castle made of diamond or crystal, having many abodes.

Wenzel Hablik — Crystal Castle in the Sea, 1914

God delights in the soul of a righteous man. We are made in His image, and therefore our soul has something of his nature to it, great dignity and beauty.

We are so concerned with the setting of this diamond, the outside of the castle, and often give little thought to our souls. We must enter into our castle, our soul must enter into itself.

To enter in requires prayer and meditation. Vocal prayer without thought of Whom is being addressed, it is like we are speaking to a slave.

Souls without prayer are like paralyzed people.

Outside of the castle are reptiles and poisonous creatures. By failing to pray we become like these creatures. Those who pray only rarely, when they do pray, bring so many of these creatures in with them that they are not able to appreciate the beauty of the castle or find any peace, but still “they have done a good deal by entering at all.”

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