Migrating Ethereum Qubicle Tokens to the Telos Chain of EOS.IO Using the EOS21 Protocol

Jan 1, 2019 · 5 min read

Wow — what a year it has been!

Over the past 12 months, we have been hard at work. Very hard at work. Over the course of this month (January, 2019!), we will provide a series of updates with what we’ve been up to and the current state of affairs with Qubicles. As a great way to begin the new year, we would like to being with our first announcement —

The Qubicles Migration Assistant is live and ready to go! Today!

What does this mean? It means that all existing holders of Qubicles (QBE) tokens on Ethereum can now migrate their QBE from Ethereum to a recently launched chain of EOS.IO — the Telos Blockchain Network (more on Telos in another post). We’ve concluded that Ethereum is not powerful enough to run a game-changing platform like Qubicles and have settled on using EOS.IO as our blockchain platform of choice for the foreseeable future.

How It Works

We’ve tried to make the process of moving your Qubicle tokens to Telos as simple as possible. Follow the steps below to get started. We’re also just a few clicks away in case you need additional assistance at https://t.me/podone.

Go to http://migration.qubicles.io to launch the Migration Assistant. The Assistant requires you to have MetaMask installed in order to facilitate the migration. If you do not have MetaMask installed, you will be prompted to do so as shown in the image below.

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Page shown if you do not have MetaMask installed. Make sure you download and install the MetaMask extension (preferably using Chrome) and import your account where your Qubicles are stored.

If this is your first time using MetaMask, follow the simple guide here to learn How to Setup MetaMask and Import Your Account. It should only take a couple minutes to complete this step.

Once you have confirmed that MetaMask is installed and you have logged in, you will be prompted with a popup from MetaMask asking for your permission to allow the Migration Assistant to access your account.

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Click the Connect button to approve this request. You will be automatically taken to the the Qubicles Migration Assistant page once access has been authorized. You should see a screen as in the screenshot below.

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Overview of the Qubicles Migration Assistant

To help users easily manage all of their EOS.IO accounts in a single place, the Qubicles team created Sqrl, the official wallet for the Telos Blockchain Network. Using Sqrl, you can create entirely free accounts for the Telos blockchain (in comparison, accounts on the EOS chain of EOS.IO are not free!).

One of the innovations of EOS.IO is in utilizing human readable account names instead of complex keys for transactions. Therefore, having an account is a prerequisite to using any EOS.IO-based applications.

Watch the video provided in the Migration Assistant to setup your account using Sqrl, and make sure you store your private keys for this new account somewhere safe. Once you’ve completed this step, you may proceed to transferring your Qubicles.

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Watch the video to learn how to easily download, install, and setup Sqrl.

Congrats on creating your first account on Telos! With this newly created account name, migrating your Qubicle tokens is only two clicks away.

First, make sure you enter the name of your Telos account in the text field labeled Enter your newly created Telos account name here. This step is VERY important, as this account is where the EOS.IO version of your Qubicle tokens will be sent. To help minimize any mistakes in sending your Qubicles to the wrong place, the Migration Assistant will let you know whether you’ve entered a valid and existing account on the Telos blockchain.

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Make sure you enter this correctly!

Then, simply click on the Approve Transfer button to give the Migration Assistant smart contract permission to transfer your Qubicles to Telos. This does not perform the actual transfer, but it will record your approval on the Ethereum blockchain.

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Click the Approve Transfer of QBE Balance to begin the process.

Finally, after approving the transfer, the Transfer of QBE Token to Telos button will be enabled. Click that to perform the actual transfer (or teleporting) of your Qubicles over to the Telos blockchain.

Once the transaction completes on the Ethereum blockchain and accepted on Telos, your Current Balance should be zero on Ethereum. You should also see the transaction confirmation links in the Migration Assistant as shown in the screenshot below.

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Confirmations of your approval and transfer actions.


That’s it! We hope this was as simple as possible for you. You can verify your balance on the Telos blockchain by visiting a Telos block explorer, such as https://telos.eosx.io. Simply search for your new account name to view the teleported Qubicles on your account!

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Confirmation of transfer in Telos block explorer.

Once again, we thank you for your patience during this process. Stay tuned for additional updates.

Have a Joyous and Wonderful Happy New Year!

No Access to a Desktop or Laptop? Follow these instructions

P.S. For those without a desktop/laptop, there’s a manual process for you. We’ve outlined it below:

For QBE holders without access to a device to complete the migration steps, please follow these instructions so we can assist you:

1. Go to https://nadejde.github.io/eos-token-sale/ and click Generate EOS key. Save your private key somewhere secure.

2. Create a 12-character Telos account name. The rules around name creation are they must only consist of letters a-z and numbers 1–5.

3. After creating a name, make sure it does not already exist by searching for it at https://telos.eosx.io

4. Prove that you own your Ethereum address that holds QBE. You can prove that you own this account by sending 1 QBE to this ETH address: 0x319db3af64ac077d52ce031394b963213f5ff828 (don’t worry, we will give it back after we migrate your tokens)

5. Once you’ve done these steps, send a Qubicles admin your Telos account name, EOS PUBLIC KEY, and your Ethereum transaction ID and we will manually migrate your tokens within a few hours.

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