Strategic Partnership with Lexer

Qubit Finance
2 min readJan 7, 2022


Dear qubitians!

We gladly announce that Qubit has entered into a strategic partnership with Lexer, an up and coming derivatives trading protocol.


  • Lexer(link) is a one-stop derivatives maker that will give unprecedented ease for trading Leveraged token, Crypto Index, and Option.
  • Lexer will use leveraged positions on the Qubit money markets and, thus, it will eventually raise the utilization of Qubit markets.
  • The Lexer team consists of professionals with backgrounds from financial engineering, software development and design.
  • The Lexer team will host their pre-liquidity mining program in Feb.

Why Lexer is special

Lexer Finance is a decentralized finance protocol for decentralized derivatives. ‘Leveraged Tokens’ will be the first derivative product after launch. Lexer Finance will provide crypto investors a solution to create and trade decentralized leveraged tokens underlain by crypto assets, such as BTC, ETH, BUSD, and etc.

Unlike other derivatives platforms, Lexer Finance provides derivatives products with abundantly capitalized funds and low trading fees through Lexer’s decentralized exchange. In addition, the team will develop strategic partnerships with promising lending protocols, which allow Lexer Finance to have a stable collateral ratio in the future.

Lexer Finance’s team members consist of experienced finance professionals and senior blockchain developers who believe that DeFi is the future of all things finance. Their primary goal is to lower the barrier to entry for cryptocurrency derivatives, and allow anyone to trade and invest in a safe, simple, secure, and decentralized way.

How it benefits Qubit

Lexer will use leveraged positions on the Qubit money markets and will eventually raise the utilization of Qubit markets.

Beyond the ‘Peer-to-peer lending’, our vision for Qubit is to grow as a service that provides ‘lending as a utility’ for the entire BSC ecosystem, a service that is optimized to support developers who are building DApp projects of all kinds. Lexer is one of the many DApps which will use Qubit as its base protocol to use leverage derivatives.



Qubit Finance

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