— A (Non) Coders Devilish Decadence!

I learned how to create code from scratch, and created a website without having to go through the excruciating pain of feeling incompetent. And, don’t say you don’t feel that way *Na-ah! Don’t shy away now, I can see you nodding that head* — most of us do so when learning or applying a new skill. Especially, when you are at the peak of your career and blossoming like a lovely Lotus, to the point that everyone envies your guts — and is watching you like a hawk.

How is that even possible, you may wonder. Trust me, it was and is by simply doing one (yes, just one) cost efficient, highly interactive and supremely easy course — for a month on

Going through the ‘Programming for Non-Programmers Course’ made me realize — ‘Holy shit, this is possible!’. For not only you and I, but trust me when I say this, for anyone! It is all with great thanks to the team at One Month and their innovative approach to teaching, that I got to work on my biggest dream with such ease. I’m sure you will now say, ‘Oh but they’re so many online educational websites, what’s so great about these guys?’

*Stares at you incessantly like a child whose candy just got stolen*

What’s great? What’s not great about them! I’ll tell you their uniqueness in a nutshell. There are plenty of websites out there, no doubt, but they lack improvisation and come across quite lackluster in comparison to the value proposition and attention One Month offers. BTW, this is no sales pitch, I tell you, this is pure love. *flutters her eyelashes* They are remarkably dedicated and astoundingly creative. They not only build your skill, but work on your confidence, deliverance and pitching skills. So not only do you go walk away with a skill, but you walk away feeling strong, happy and resilient.

*Not to sound cheesy, but if One Month ever needed a liver, I would give them a piece of mine.*

Coming back to why it’s amazing. Here it is. The mentors are friendly, humorous, approachable and available. *ahem**coughs* *cute* *coughs* The lessons are innovative, precise, and easy for anyone to understand. It is the ultimate platform for anyone who feels intimidated in trying out new things.

Therefore, if you feel you want to overcome the fear of coding, and challenge those heebie-jeebies by diving into a new ‘domain’ with sheer confidence — then folks, this is your moment to shine bright like a diamond.

*corny, I know*

One Month makes it all seem like a P.I.E.C.E-O.F-C.A.K.E!

*I am not quite sure why I spelled that out. Whatever the case, it felt good doing so.*

Wait a minute, not that I want to give leverage to my self-obsessed narcissist self, but did you manage to notice my use of the word ‘domain’? Atta girl! So proud of myself.

*flaunts her hair in the sun*


*Struts away*

*turns back to tell her story*

So why did I feel the need to code? Well, it all started off with a dream to let Pakistanis experience the wealth of online education. To let them know that, quality education existed within the reach of their cell phones, laptops, and any medium that could possibly access the internet. It was a reminder, that they did not have to travel miles to get a taste of high-quality professors, and that they could experience it from the comfort of their homes or classrooms. They could be the best, without paying millions.

One Month isn’t just for college or university students, its a plethora of ‘easily-attainable-genius-knowledge’ for professionals as well. It is knowledge that doesn’t require an expensive degree, a million prerequisites or thousands of dollars. It is there to increase your ability to grow and succeed further. Therefore, it was purely for this purpose that I decided to serve these brilliantly curious minds with my idea of gob-smacking goodness. I created

Mindmap, is a one stop solution for individuals who do not want to go through the onerous process of exploring a bajillion websites to find the right course for themselves. It is a platform, that equips you with what you want, without anyone influencing your decision. It serves you, because it *it meaning I, of course* wants you to have the best.

*dives into the journey of explaining how it all works*

All students and professionals need to do when they come to the site is: select an institution of choice, select a course, select the area of study, level of complexity, institution and country of preference, requirement of financial aid and BAM! Mindmap gets back to you with a list you cannot resist, and leaves it unto you to choose the best for yourself.

Period. Easy-Peasy-Lemon-Squeezy.

The next phase of the project entails: a repository of online courses, quicker search results and recommendations for which top ten courses to pick according to the area of study. Students and professionals will have a unique profile and set benchmarks to receive monthly course updates for upcoming months.

The next objective for the coming years, include providing subsidized or free courses at universities/colleges/schools that do not have funds to sponsor students. This will be done by connecting the website with the Higher Education Commission or the Government of Pakistan. This way, the government will be able to subsidize the courses and link itself to online institutes and create a window of opportunity for students to excel further. Overall, it will prove to be a highly beneficial project in supporting thousands of students, who want to experience foreign education.

Tada! Sounds easy right? All of this came up when I was learning how to code. Sounds crazy, doesn’t it!

To wrap it up. All of this happened due to this one course I took. I can only imagine the joy of you and I, taking up more of these courses to benefit many around us. *eyes light up like a fiery dragon* So get out there and invest your energy in something great. Invest in your future. Invest in your purpose for a higher cause. Be a force to reckon with. Be useful!

What I plan on doing next is learning either Ruby or Python, and taking on more extensive but fun courses on One Month to move one step further.

For more details, check, and be the cause in matter for your life and others.