— A (Non) Coders Devilish Decadence!

I learned how to create code from scratch, and create a website without having to go through the excruciating pain of feeling incompetent. And, don’t say you don’t feel that way *Na-ah! Don’t shy away now, I can see you nodding that head* — most of us do so when learning or applying a new skill. Especially, when you are at the peak of your career and blossoming like a lovely Lotus, to the point that everyone envies your guts, and is watching you like a hawk.

Going through the ‘Programming for Non-Programmers Course’ made me realize — Holy shit, it is doable! By me, by you, trust me when I say this, by anyone! Thanks to One Month and their innovative approach to teaching. Other sites do improvise, but come across quite lackluster in comparison to the value proposition and attention One Month offers. The mentors are friendly, approachable and available. *ahem* The lessons are innovative, precise and easy for anyone to understand. This is the recipe for everyone not wanting to experience the heebie-jeebies of diving into a new ‘domain’. Get it, domain? *pouts* One Month makes it all seem like a P.I.E.C.E-O.F-C.A.K.E!

*I am not quite sure why I spelled that out. Whatever the case, it felt good doing so.*

*Struts away*

*turns back to tell her story*

Why did I feel the need to code? Well, it started off with a dream to let Pakistani students experience the wealth of online education. To let them feel that, quality education does exist within the reach of their cell phones, laptops, and everything they can access the internet through, at home. They can be the best, without paying millions.

It also allows professionals to grow skills, that may sometimes require degrees and thousands of dollars. is that one solution you want, without having to explore several sites and tiring yourself out with hundreds of options. For starters, you tell us what you want, and we recommend it for you. We serve you, because we want you to have the best.

All students and professionals need to do when they come to the site is: select an institution of choice, select a course, select the area of study, level of complexity, institution and country of preference, requirement of financial aid and BAM! We get back to you with a list you cannot resist.


The next phase of the project will entail: a repository of online courses, quicker search results and recommendations for top ten courses according to area of study. There will be a database which will automatically provide top ten courses, according to the criteria initially set by the user. Students and professionals can have a unique profile and set benchmarks to receive monthly course updates for upcoming months.

My next objective for the year, would be to have these courses subsidized or offered for free, at universities/colleges/schools that do not have the funds to sponsor students who are aching to excel and grow. The following objective, would aim to connect with the Higher Education Commission or the Government of Pakistan, so that, the government can subsidize the courses and link itself to these institutes and create a window of opportunity for students to excel further. It would prove highly beneficial in supporting thousands of students across Pakistan, to gain quality online education/

What I want to do next is to dive into either Ruby or Python and take an extensive course in HTML or MySQL to take me one step further. Who’s with me on this? Now all of this happened due to one course I took, I wonder what will happen when I take up more. *eyes light up*

Check out and elevate your career in just one month!

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