Lets Plan (Part 1 — Good planning)

Now I’m not an expert on planning, BUT from personal experience I do have some advice for those who have a hard time planning, or don’t plan in general, those who just go with the wind.

So, let’s start here, there are a couple things I’ve realised about planning properly.

1. Planning properly can keep your motivation and work rate on a high

2. Watch out for the signs of poor/lack of planning — I believe proper planning can thwart breakdowns

3. When planning, plan things that you have a level of control over.

There are so many different analogies about planning, and making plans, and I have read almost all of them, and they all more or less say the samething, but there are some things I’ve learnt that these analogies didn’t tell me.

I believe as young creatives, we sometimes plan things that are not in our control when we should be planning the things we can control to an extent, the example I like to use is a music artist. His/her plan is to get a major recording deal — This is not in your control, the label chooses who to sign right, you know what is in your control? The ability to make yourself more eligible to be signed. If you know the requirements to get signed, why not plan to reach the requirements to get signed? Create music, create content, raise your fanbase, take the winding road to get to the destination.

When we as young creatives are planning, we should try hit all angles of our life, not just our professional life, we tend to mainly plan everything around our professional lives, then when we hit a roadblock it can begin us spiraling into a dark place, cos all our plans are based on one aspect. Why not plan out your new habits, a new regime, a new home workout routine, a meditation routine etc, that way when one set of plans begins to move slow you focus on the other part whilst making reviewing plans for the first set of plans (Does that make sense?)

I believe the first sign of poor planning, is when you get to a point where you are unsure of what to do next. The moment you are sitting at your desk or what have you, and you are unsure of what do next you need to start planning. From personal experience that feeling of being unsure what to do, leads to either procrastination or you doing things that won’t effectively help your main goal, and will lead you into feeling stagnant. DO NOT LET IT GET TO THIS POINT. As soon as that feeling creeps up, it’s a sign to go back to the drawing board and review your plans, take a day out and really plan out.

Anyway hope this helps anyone.

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