One morning as I was writing my tweets, I felt like being honest with myself, and putting it out there, so it could hopefully help someone. My idea of success at least 2/3yrs ago was having a large amount of twitter followers, knowing a heap of ‘famous people’ being invited to all the cool parties etc.

This messed with me greatly, I was spending money I didn’t have, trying to impress people I didn’t need to, going OUT of my way to do certain things to seem cool, I wasn’t my true self. But at this point it was my idea of success so I stuck to it.

When I wasn’t invited to a party I would get super upset, if I didn’t have money to go to parties or events, Id do ANYTHING possible to go, just to be seen (Keep up appearances) basically living a life that wasn’t me.

My turning point was starting to work in colleges/schools, and inspiring people, working with young people who have no egos, no need to be important, just a fun playful life that revolved around friends, their craft, and making the little bits of money they can. I began taking on their traits; the more I hung with them, and began appreciating life and people.

My current idea of success (at least one of them) is being able to inspire, teach, make people laugh, and help people take the steps towards their dreams. With this, even if I give advice to ONE person a day and they take it, I feel like I’m achieving my purpose more and more daily.

Ask yourself what is important to you? What do you define as success? Your definition of success will help define your happiness.

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