The Cycle

Staining me with your own insecurities

You tried to frame me for a crime that was all your fault

Bound me to the walls of Unforgiveness

Had me thinking real hard “How is this my fault?”

But nothing can stay hidden in the dark

And when the light shined on us

It was you who couldn’t face your own demons

Begging for this reality to only be a dream

Bullshit only tastes good when you’re feeding it, no one likes to digest a cesspool

I rest Fool because you’ve lost the war

Trying to assign your monsters away

Now it doesn’t work anymore

Tried to help you deal with the pain

But your eyes don’t open anymore

Shame made you feel useless, had you severing at the veins

Now they’ve locked you away

They say you’re unstable ….. Unfit to be a King

No there are no physical chains they’ve left mediocrity on the brain

Fed you your potential limited to what they say you can obtain

Now you’re devouring pork from the belly of the beast

No need for a brain

You are the prisoner, with all to lose and nothing to gain

They will sell you on the reason being the color of your skin

But it’s the ancestral magic and knowledge that ran through ya veins

How could they see the power you’re so blind to have obtained

They’ve been watching you since you became of age

The choice was yours, you were the ultimate blame

You chose to run …. Scared of the monsters in your brain

But who said they were evil? What caused you to become so ashamed?

This is the cycle of unconsciousness