Who Am I?

My Life:

On August 23, 2001, Quinn Talty Whisler was born. I lived with my Mom, Dad, and identical twin sister in the same house for 15 years and went to the same school for 11. I had the same friends for my whole life. My sister, Kiley, and I spent every second together in our matching clothes. The school we went to, St. Cornelius, was tiny. We were in all the same classes that averaged to about 17 classmates. My life was pretty much the same until I moved to Arlington Heights. With a new house and schools, everything was different.

My Graphs:

My Meaningful Music:

This piece of music reminds me of Sunday nights at my grandparents house. I don’t think there was ever a time we ate there without classical music softly playing in the background. When ever I hear this piece, I remember that I will always be loved by my family. As my mom says, “I can’t listen to classical music without getting hungry.”

My Picture at 9:00 Friday Night:

I am doing nothing, just like I do half of my life.

My Typical Video:

My Heros:

Jamie Giovinco, whom I call Mimi, has been my neighbor and babysitter for all my life. She survived breast cancer twice and watched her son go through leukemia. She runs her own daycare and has an online store where she sells her homemade knittings.

PC: Angie Greaves

Martin Luther King J.R. is inspirational to me because he stood up for what he believes in. He said something when something was wrong and I want to be like that. I think speaking up is very important and can lead to success, which he had a lot of.

PC: Ezra Shaw

Beyoncé is one of my idols for obvious reasons. She is strong, stunning, skilled, and smart. She embodies strong leadership and what it is to be a woman in society.

My Life Goal:

PC: Wikipedia

I just want to be happy, plain and simple.

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