Life of Virginia’s Governor McAuliffe

Terry McAuliffe was born to Irish descendants, Mildred Lonegan and Jack McAuliffe in Syracuse, New York. Terry was raised in the town s well. His father was a local democratic politician as well as a real estate agent. growing up, Mcauliffe always had a business man’s mindset and attitude. He opened his first business at 14, sealing drive ways. He went on to help find the Federal City National Bank in 1985. In 1988, McAuliffe became the youngest chairman in the United States Federal Reserve Bank charter association at 30 years old.

McAuliffe graduated from bishop Ludden high school in 1975, and went on to earn a B.A. from Catholic University of America in 1979. After graduating, he worked on Jimmy Carter’s reelection campaign. While helping to mange the campaign, he met Richard Swann, who was the lawyer in charge of fundraising. McAuliffe later married Swann’s daughter. Following the end of the campaign, McAuliffe went back to school to earn his juris degree from Georgetown University.

Terry also had both a political and personal relationship with the Clintons’. Mcauliffe and his staff raised over 275 million for the Clinton’s causes while they were in the presidency. Ethical questions about the nature of their relationship arose, when he promised the Clintons 1.3 million for their home in upstate NY. His relationship with them remained strong, and the general public, seemed to put the suspicions to rest.

In 2000 McAuliffe became chairman of the Democratic National Committee. He served there until January 2005. After His career as chairman of the DNC, he served as co-chairman of Hillary Clinton’ 2008 presidential campaign. In April 2013, after running unopposed he became the democratic nominee. He won the election and in January 2014 was sworn as the 72nd governor of the state of Virginia. He is currently still serving in this position.

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