Okay, I see that.
Suzanne Tyler

Let me answer by quoting the original article, and then a brief comment.
“Somehow, taking something ugly and giving it an academic-sounding name feels less bad that saying “this piece is transmisogynistic. I still found value in it.”

Because… in that last statement

What I hear you saying is: I value this cis-woman perspective on this. I don’t care who all we have to throw under the bus to celebrate this perspective.

What I hear you saying is: “I don’t care about the perspectives of those violently erased by this, and I will erase them (me) myself.

What I hear you saying is: I think your existence is something convenient to claim in social-justice settings, but don’t worry You are my joke, I am laughing at you behind my back. Your existence is nothing more than a punchline for me to exploit.

I’m hearing you say this same thing right now. When an article is brewed in the hate filled waters of transphobia and transmisogyny, no amount of edting will be able to cleanse it of the cisnormativity that it contains.

If I were writing this reflection, I would be writing about the people who menstruate, the people who give birth. The people who are told their bodies are disgusting — their bodies are wrong. Their bodies are less than. The intersex people who are lied to about how their bodies are structured. The ambiguous people who show us that there is no one set way of being a person. Because — those experiences are common experiences of women and femmes of all genders and body configurations. These experiences can be just as visceral as the pussy talk, the stretching, the growing a vagina to take a pounding….. they can be just as painful — because not only are these stories of rejection and subverting the narrative — these are the stories that don’t get told — ever because they are too shameful.

Stories about periods, vaginas, mestruation — have their own academic discipline and journal.

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