Suzanne Tyler

 The point at which this became transphobic was here. Menstruation was considered an essential point of being a woman, and a defining characteristic, such that all people who menstruate are women. 
Beyond that, the article in question pointed out that only women have pussies, and all pussies were capable of giving birth. Yet, I have a pussy, and it cannot give birth, and cannot stretch. My value as a femme is not contained in my genitals. And to say that it is — is violent to those who do not have genitals that look or function as expected.

Trans people, particularly trans women and femmes, particularly trans women of color face a skyrocketing body count year after year. To erase us as violently as the article in question did, and then say there’s nothing wrong — is the epitome of privilege. No one has said we need to stop talking about pussies. No one has said we need to stop talking about menstruation. What I am and other people are saying is that we need to stop talking about these things in ways that are violent to the people who have to clean up the shit. In the past two weeks, I have had two trans friends attempt suicide — and I was left to pick up pieces. 
Transphobia, and especially transmisogyny/oir has deaths associated with it, and as people professing Christ, we must be aware when our language is killing.

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