How to Properly Utilize Practice ACT Tests

How to Properly Utilize Practice ACT Tests

As the saying goes “practice makes perfect”, in some cases that maybe true but for standardized test like the ACT you must use your practice exams expertly. It is not good enough to simply run through a practice ACT exam and score it. You must to the best of your ability mimic the true ACT test taking experience at home. Below is a guideline on how to make your practice ACT exam as real as possible.

How to Mimic ACT Test Day for Practice?

1. Try to take all the four test sections in one sitting (a total of 2 hours and 55 minutes). Of course you will also simulate the breaks which come between test 2 and 3 and after test 4 only if you are scheduled to take the writing portion of the ACT

2. Prepare a good testing environment that is as similar as possible to where you will be taking your exam. For example, find yourself a cleared desk with a couple of pencils (#2 pencils of course) and a calculator for the math section.

3. Use a visible clock or timer in order to time yourself on each section of the test.

4. Read the direction for each test section and then start your timer. Memorizing and understanding the instructions will allow you to skip it come test day.

5. Be very strict with the time limit for each section. So put your pencil down when time has been completed. Do not attempt to fill in answers after time has elapsed otherwise your test or the real ACT test will be disqualified.

6. After you have completed scoring your test look over and understand the parts of each section that you got incorrect. Understanding your mistakes is a key towards significant improvement.

Now that you are following a perfect practice test scenario, you can take as many practice exams as you would like and remember perfect practice makes for perfect learning.

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