The Great Betrayal
umair haque

Umar, while I also see the possibility of more of the same and worse in the near future, I think we can also offer a way through this. Yes, systemically a broken financial system is locking us up, but even more, the financial system is a continually self-regenerating out-picturing of a broken human operating system. Our financial system is continually re-created by an outdated consciousness. It can be un-created and transformed with remarkable speed when we choose it collectively. We have to, one by one, transform ourselves, the way we think about ourselves, each other and the reality we have co-generated before we can transform the systems we co-allow and co-create. This is now happening at a faster rate than I could ever have dreamed of a few short years ago. The enlightened are finding one another and finding strength in that community. We are, slowly and reluctantly, stepping up to take responsibility. We are beginning to do the hard work of understanding complexity and interdependence; of seeing the mutually perpetuating dance between victim and oppressor, before we jump to our preferred binary opinion pole. We are slowly realizing that the tools that have been used to confuse, limit and oppress cannot be the tools that bring clarity, expansion and freedom. Stay the course brother. A new tool set is emerging. This is a tipping point, one of many, and marvelous possibilities are still on the horizon with work, diligence, creativity and by expanding our sense of who we really are. Place your eyes on where you know we can go. And lets go together. We begin again now, and now, and now.

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