Abortion results from promiscuity, poor impulse control, and the lack of social pressure.

Societal norms such as the belief that the police are, with rare exception, correct in how they respond in a given situation. Societal norms such as the expectation that aberrant police actions will be dealt with by our system of laws. Societal norms such a the expectation that it’s best for a child to be raised by two parents. Societal norms like the chief executive will not have a knee jerk reaction to every unfortunate black/police interaction.

Yes, welfare systems that encourage single parent families are broken systems bound to result in an erosion of civilization and a dependency on government.

Obama encourages violence by leaping to the defense of people, like Mike Brown, Trayvon, et al. He calls acts of terrorism workplace violence. He lies and says Islam means peace when it really means submission. His defense creates an atmosphere where people no longer feel protected by the law but rather, must not talk about real issues. The exceptionally high black on black and black on white crime rates are in part, due to the anger generated in the black population by his incessant defense/excuse of poor behaviors. Rather than protecting the political process, and free speech, he turns his back on the harassment and violence against law abiding citizens going to rallies for politicians.

I was a bit over the top on the open season comment and I regret saying that. I believe life is hard work for 99% of Americans of any color. I would like to see more incentives for good behaviors and choices and fewer excuses. Doing these kinds of things have to be done at a one on one personal level rather than on a big government level.

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