Visualizing The Infinite Universe

A Human Perspective

Now that we know the universe is most likely infinite, popular “zoom out” visualizations help blow our minds. Just pick one from Youtube and experience it.

As impressive as this seems, in reality, the human experience would be much different. These visualizations assume the “God perspective,” and we can’t possibly experience the whole universe like this at once. Not with these little eyes that focus on an area the size of a quarter per glance. Not with our physical limits, unless we could expand ourselves to be larger than the universe to oversee it. Like an amoeba peering through our eyes over its great universe in a puddle.

If we’d travel a billion-billion light years in any direction with our imaginary starship, the sky wouldn’t look much different. Just another dazzling night sky until noticing unfamiliar constellations and shades.

From deep within “The Great Void” — a dark spot in the universe 300 million light years across, we might look around from our starship windows to see surrounding blackness, with only a few faint stars 1. Or imagine traveling in one direction, on and on, without any statistical chance of hitting more than a few particles along the way. That’s the human perspective — not nearly as impressive.

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