A Dose of Intention in the Morning Makes for a Productive Day

First, let’s define intention.

Many times intention and goals are confused with one another. To be clear, your goals are set in the future. Goals come from your brain and are logical. They are tied to a specific outcome and can be measured.

Intention is deliberate and focused on the present. Your intentions answer the question, how do I desire to show up in the world? Your intentions are something you personify and express from an authentic place and are intimately connected and aligned to your values. Your intentions come from your soul and heart and can be difficult to measure.

Setting positive intentions the night before or even before you get out of the bed in the morning can bring about significant shifts in your day and eventually into your life — — even just a dose of intention can go a long way.

Let’s try it. I’ll go first. It is my intention to be at peace with the people I encounter and the decisions I make today.

Now, you try it.