What are PMs at Twitch, Imgur, and OPower reading this week?

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We’ve scanned the Quibb network to collect what some of the industry’s best Product Managers from Twitch, Imgur, and OPower have been reading these past 7 days. Check out these links to see what news informs how they do their job, which trends they’re following, and what topics they’re keeping up with.

Smart home battlefield: Amazon vs. Apple

The battle has started to heat up, and some think that Amazon has a key first mover advantage. Their new Echo product totally reinvents how people think about and control technology in their homes — via their voice. Woosung Ahn (Business Development, Games at Amazon) shared a great piece on how that battle is shaping up, and how far Home Kit now has to go to even play catch-up.

Amazon just beat Apple in winning the smart home

It’s all about activation

Hubspot is notorious for sharing lots of great content on how they run their massively successful SaaS company. Dan Wolchonok (Product at Hubspot) shares his ideas on why he believes activation is one of the more important metrics teams should be tracking and understanding over time. Growth expert Brian Balfour agrees with this approach, and shared this article with the Quibb network.

The Metric Watched By Top Startup Growth Teams

Don’t build yourself into a corner

Stuart Eccles (CTO and Co-Founder at Made by Many) uncovered a great 2y old post that’s still highly relevant for people building products today. While we should all aim to build something that serves a particular pain point, be cautious of building something that’s too niche.

Don’t build a Galapagos product

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